Get Involved



You can get involved with the work of  Cochrane Africa. You may contribute on research projects, including systematic reviews or other methods research, depending on your interests and expertise. The Network maintains a database of people who are interested in contributing:

  • as authors of Cochrane systematic reviews
  • to identify priorities for future Cochrane Reviews related to Africa
  • to research projects of the Network
  • to raise awareness about Cochrane and Cochrane Africa in your scientific community
  • to write summaries of, or commentaries on, Cochrane Africa Reviews
  • to help to identify funding for our activities and to ensure the Network's sustainability.

If you are interested in contributing to Cochrane Africa, please click on "Joining Cochrane Africa" and complete the form to submit your information. Cochrane Africa will then contact you based on your areas of interest and expertise. Your contact information will not be shared for other purposes.

Should you wish to find out more or how to be part of Cochrane, click here.