About us

Cochrane Africa is a network with a vision to increase the use of best evidence to inform healthcare decision making in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cochrane Africa is part of the global Cochrane global, independent Cochrane network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health. Cochrane exists to ensure that better healthcare decisions are made. We produce reviews that summarise the best-available evidence generated through research to inform decisions about health. This evidence is used by guideline developers and healthcare decision-makers globally. Our work is recognised as representing an international gold standard for high-quality, trusted information.

Cochrane Africa was launched at the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town in September 2017.

Cochrane Africa is made up of four hubs representing different regions in Sub-Saharan Africa which are managed by experienced Cochrane Review authors, mentors and trainers. Cochrane Africa is managed by co-directors Tamara Kredo and Solange Durao.