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  • Key concepts for making informed choices: an alliance of researchers lays out a framework for taking decisions based on thinking critically about claims and comparisons.There are so many claims on what works, and what does not work. What can we trust? A group of people across different fields put together Key Concepts to help us think critically...
    August 16 2019
  • New online learning is now freely available to anyone who is interested in an introduction to Evidence Based Medicine, Cochrane evidence and how to use it. Cochrane is delighted to announce the launch of four, free, online learning modules, Cochrane Evidence Essentials. Written from the perspective of a healthcare consumer and co-created with...
    August 16 2019
  • The What Review is Right for You? tool is a decision support guide for knowledge users interested in conducting a knowledge synthesis, while providing external supporting materials to assist in the conduct of their review. Through a series of five guiding questions, the tool aims to recommend the best type of knowledge synthesis to conduct in...
    August 16 2019
  • This year the 26th Cochrane Colloquium will take place at CasaPiedra in the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile, 22-25 October 2019.The theme of the Colloquium is 'Embracing diversity', recognizing Cochrane as a truly global independent community, addressing relevant health questions from international stakeholders using a range of diverse...
    August 16 2019
  • Systematic review methods webinarsCochrane South Africa provides systematic review methods webinars once a month. Visit the Cochrane South Africa webpage to view the schedule for the upcoming systematic review methods webinars. There are also other learning and support initiatives that Cochrane South Africa has to offer.
    August 16 2019
  • The objective of World Breastfeeding Week is to highlight and promote the benefits of breastfeeding for the health of babies.In 2017 the Cochrane Library published a Special Collection of Cochrane Reviews collecthing the best evidence currently available supporting effective breastfeeding for mothers and babies. For more information click here
    August 2 2019
  • UN-Habitat estimates that there are at least one billion people living in urban slums, that is, places in cities without adequate access to health care, clean water, and sanitation. One consequence of an inadequate diet is growth stunting, that is, very short stature for age. For more information on this review click here
    July 1 2019
  • Aubrey Sheiham EBHC in Africa Leadership AwardProfessor Aubrey Sheiham was a dental epidemiologist who was inspired and encouraged by Archie Cochrane to question many of the practices in medicine and dentistry. His main commitments were to challenge dental establishments to be far more critical and to improve the health of populations in low and...
    June 30 2019
  • June 5 2019
  • June 3 2019


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