Nandi Siegfried awarded the Cochrane Emeritus Membership

Nandi Siegfried

We are delighted to announce that Nandi Siegfried has been awarded an Emeritus Membership of Cochrane. This award recognises the extraordinary contribution of individuals who have made an exceptional, long-standing contribution to Cochrane's work and leadership.

Tamara Kredo who nominated Nandi for the award, says: "I experienced firsthand Nandi's leadership at Cochrane South Africa, co-coordinating the Cochrane HIV satellite editorial base at the height of the HIV pandemic, heading the HIV Mentoring Programme, and conducting practice changing reviews which show her considerable contribution to the field.  In parallel, Nandi was developing and advancing methods for Cochrane Reviews, and championing the cause for clinical trial registration. She led the formal recognition of the Pan African Clinical Trial Registry as a WHO primary register, thus creating a platform to foster transparency and collaboration on the African continent. Nandi has been a champion for Cochrane in Africa and globally. We thank and congratulate Nandi on this wonderful achievement!”

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