What Review is Right for You - find out more about this tool...

The What Review is Right for You? tool is a decision support guide for knowledge users interested in conducting a knowledge synthesis, while providing external supporting materials to assist in the conduct of their review. Through a series of five guiding questions, the tool aims to recommend the best type of knowledge synthesis to conduct in order to ensure that research goals are met. The tool is accompanied by an Explanation and Elaboration document, which users can refer to for further assistance. The tool can be found here

We have worked hard on making this tool comprehensive and accessible to a wide breadth of users, and would greatly appreciate if you could share this tool amongst your circles. Your constructive feedback is also important to us, and we encourage all users to complete the evaluation survey as part of the pilot. We plan to incorporate the suggestions we receive in the next iteration of our tool. Kindly note that the current tool is to be used for quantitative research purposes only.

Should you have any further questions, please contact KnowledgeSynthesis@smh.ca.