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  • Every year, about 500,000 newborn babies die as a result of infection caused by bacteria. Most of these deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.  Hand hygiene is an inexpensive and a cost?effective method of preventing infection in newborns. The authors included five studies that involved nurses working in intensive care units...
    February 12 2021
  • The Cochrane Library App presents the latest up-to-date evidence from the Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy navigate format which provides you with relevant, accessible research, when you need it, from the world's leading experts in evidence-informed health care.
    September 4 2020
  • The Cochrane Priority Reviews List is a living record of Cochrane's attempt to identify reviews that are of greatest importance to their stakeholders and are likely to impact significantly on health outcomes worldwide. The list is updated in real time as reviews are published and new titles added.Please note that only some of the titles are open...
    August 21 2020
  • The authors looked at the effect of community-level interventions to improve access to nutritious food in low- and middle income countries on people. households and communities.
    August 21 2020
  • Cochrane Africa bursariesCochrane Africa is offering four bursaries to applicants from sub-Saharan Africa to attend the Stellenbosch University Primer in Systematic Review online short course. The course takes place from 1 September - 17 November 2020. To be eligible for this bursary applicants must be based in a sub-Saharan Africa country...
    August 14 2020
  • Remember to cast your vote for the Cochrane Governing BoardVoting for the Cochrane Governing Board closes on 21 August 2020 and Cochrane has therefore made public the list of candidates. Cochrane is a collaboration whose strength is in its diversity and international reach. The Governing Board wants to ensure that this is reflected in its...
    August 14 2020
  • The review shows that antibody tests could have a useful role in detecting if someone has had COVID-19, but that timing is important. The tests were better at detecting COVID-19 in people two or more weeks after their symptoms started, but we do not know how well they work more than five weeks after symptoms started.
    July 8 2020
  • July 7 2020
  • Aubrey Sheiham EBHC in Africa Leadership AwardProfessor Aubrey Sheiham was a dental epidemiologist who was inspired and encouraged by Archie Cochrane to question many of the practices in medicine and dentistry. His main commitments were to challenge dental establishments to be far more critical and to improve the health of populations in low and...
    May 22 2020
  • Cochrane Africa and the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) conducted a survey of network members in low- and middle income countries, to gather and share information on the ongoing and planned research responses to the COVID-19 pandemic amongst those involved with evidence synthesis. The survey was circulated on 24 March 2020, and by 14...
    April 22 2020


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