Requirements and information for posters

Poster guidelines:
  • Provide a one-page poster in PDF format that can be published as supplemental material to the accepted abstract

  • There is no specific template to create your poster, however, there are a number of free templates online (see below links)  (see option to personalize your template with the International A0 format)  (select your preferred option in a 36 x 48 vertical format)

  • Name your poster file using your presentation number and surname of the first author e.g Jones-03
Poster sessions:
  • Presenters will have an opportunity to present their research and communicate with attendees in a virtual poster session.

  • There is a poster session on each day of the conference and presenters will be assigned a specific day that their poster will be featured. Each presenter will have the opportunity to give a 2-minute summary of their poster followed by Q&A from attendees. Presenters are expected to log into the virtual rooms at least 5 minutes before the sessions.

  • Poster files to be submitted to by 8 July 2021.  For further information please contact the LOC at