Cochrane Africa Steering Group

Purpose of the Steering Group
The Steering Group will collectively develop the strategy and linked workplans that define the direction of travel for Cochrane Africa. They will provide advice, and support to ensure that Cochrane Africa's strategy, objectives and activities are met, and that they address the specific goals of the Cochrane Strategy to 2020 but in the context of the needs and priorities of the African region.
Responsibilities of the Steering Group
-  Advocate the work of Cochrane and Cochrane Africa within the African region
-  Develop or update of a strategic plan
-  Monitor the progress in achieving Cochrane Africa's objectives
-  Provide advice and support to Cochrane Africa in relation to logistical, political and financial aspects of its work
-  Operationalise Cochrane Africa's strategy and activities
-  Coordinate and communicate across all hubs 
-  Ensure the delivery of tasks and strategic goals
-  Budget oversight and ensure good governance of Cochrane Africa
-  Identify and share opportunities to collaborate on projects including grants as relevant
The Steering Group is comprised of 
-  Hub leaders
-  Hub coordinators
-  Co-ordinating Hub team members