Co-ordinating Hub

The Cochrane Africa Co-ordinating Hub is hosted at Cochrane South Africa (SA), South African Medical Research Council.  Cochrane SA is one of 19 Cochrane Centres worldwide. Since opening its doors in 1997 the team has been working to enhance evidence-based health care decision making in the region by preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions and diagnostics; building capacity in conducting Cochrane Reviews; and promoting access to, and the use of best evidence, in healthcare decision-making within South Africa and Africa. The purpose of the Co-ordinating Hub is to co-ordinate Cochrane Africa’s activities to ensure it meets its strategic goals.

Roles and responsibilities of the Co-ordinating Hub include to:

  • Work collaboratively with the team and all Hubs to meet Cochrane Africa's goals
  • Provide strategic leadership within Cochrane Africa
  • Identify opportunities for growth and to establish strategic linkages
  • Report to and support Cochrane Africa’s Steering Group
  • Identify and support grant applications to advance the network’s vision
  • Ensure reporting to funders and Cochrane is done in a comprehensive and timely manner
  • Link with internal and external partners for strategic input and guidance as needed

Postal address:
Cochrane South Africa
South African Medical Research Council
PO Box 19070
Tygerberg, 7505
South Africa

Street address:
Francie van Zijl Drive
Parow Valley
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 938 0256 / 0506
Twitter: @CochraneAfrica

Cochrane Africa Co-Director
Solange Durao
Cochrane Africa Co-Director
Tamara Kredo
Cochrane South Africa Director
Charles Wiysonge

Ameer Hohlfeld
Project Manager
Joy Oliver