Co-ordinating Hub

The Cochrane Africa Co-ordinating Hub is hosted at the Health Systems Research Unit, South African Medical Research Council.  The purpose of the Co-ordinating Hub is to co-ordinate Cochrane Africa’s activities to ensure it meets its strategic goals.


Roles and responsibilities of the Co-ordinating Hub include to:

  • Work collaboratively with the team and all Hubs to meet Cochrane Africa's goals
  • Provide strategic leadership within Cochrane Africa
  • Identify opportunities for growth and to establish strategic linkages
  • Report to and support Cochrane Africa’s Steering Group
  • Identify and support grant applications to advance the network’s vision
  • Ensure reporting to funders and Cochrane is done in a comprehensive and timely manner
  • Link with internal and external partners for strategic input and guidance as needed

Postal address:
Health Systems Research Unit
South African Medical Research Council
PO Box 19070
Tygerberg, 7505
South Africa
Tel: +27 21 938 0256 / 0506
Twitter: @CochraneAfrica

Tamara Kredo
Cochrane Africa Co-Director
Solange Durao
Cochrane Africa Co-Director
Tamara Kredo

Ameer Hohlfeld
Project Manager
Joy Oliver